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Recently, someone asked me which was my happiest and most successful job/work in my career? Throughout the years, I worked hard, traveled a lot, met different people and solved various problems for my customers. When I look back, my happiest and most successful work had nothing to do with money or career, it was when I was helping my local community and church (temple). The gratitude and feeling of belonging it gave me are my best memories, leaving me with a true sense of fulfillment
When the opportunity to start Devcool Inc. came I was seeking the similar level of satisfaction, so I made sure it was founded on the concept of “Devcool Family”. Every customer, every employee who works with us should feel that they are part of our family by building strong bonds, trust and respect for each other.
One hard truth for most of us, is that we spend most of our time at work - more than with family or friends. I remember moments during my time at work or during travel when I used to feel lonely (usually during lunch or dinner), times that I felt I was not heard by my employers or colleagues and even moments where I thought- why I am doing this?
As part of our Devcool family, my every effort is to ensure a sense of community and belonging. We believe in the undeniable fact that – “One Person can be the difference”. As with every family, there will be misunderstandings, disconnects, and arguments but our family bond and trust will keep us together. I have purposefully implemented structure where all of us have an opportunity to help each other in this Devcool family, as this is the core concept of what family does for one another. Family is there for each other to encourage and help each other and I can proudly say this is what you will find at the heart of Devcool.
While we innovate the healthcare industry together, I want to assure you that me and my team are standing by you, and for you. Whatever your goals and dreams may be, we will make our honest effort to fulfil them.
I welcome you to our Devcool family as an employee, as a customer or as vendor.
Sandeep Deokule
DevCool CEO
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