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Enable AI for your Hospital with our Parex Platform

Reduce mortality rate due to Sepsis after Bone Marrow Transplant

Clinical evidence indicates that patients with acute deterioration or sepsis manifest clinical signs or symptoms several hours before the condition worsens.
#1 Cancer Research Hospital uses Parex to monitor patient data in real time and feedback Sepsis probability to Epic to reduce mortality rate due to Sepsis

Realtime Patient Chat App

Integrated Mobile app for hospital to enable AI driven context based chat to connect to access to care and hospital staff. Parex app is integrated with MyChart

Clinical Trials AI Analysis

Collect Clinical Trial data from Phase 1, 2 and 3 and configure various AI driven analysis to predict outcomes and performance reports. The Clinical trial data is combined with population management data for analysis

90-Day Mortality Model Monitoring for patients with high risk conditions

Research Hospital uses Parex to monitor patient data in real time to predict 90-day mortality probability using vitals, meds, and labs data

Population Health Management via Parex

Leading Medical group uses Parex to collect patient historical CCDA data, real time Clinical data and Claims data to develop comprehensive health check report

Genetic predisposition to Cancer

Parex is used by leading Cancer Research firm to collect genomics data which is then used for Prediction scoring. Patients can get online prescription from Clinic and testing kit. Patients do nasal swipe and mail the testing kit. Parex manages end to end workflow from prescription to testing kit to results.

Our Epic work for Hospitals

Expansion of payment collection on MyChart

Expansion of payment collection on MyChart during the COVID-19 to help patients get easy access to service. Expand single billing office to expand services with Pricing Transparency.

Rapid implementation of Telehealth Visits

Cadence Team for new visit types, refined templates, blocks, and Call Center instructions . My Chart Team for e-Checkin, refinement of questionnaires for faster e-Checkin and beginning Video Visits from within MyChart. Rev Cycle: Billing and Compliance for on-going changes to reimbursement and regulations for Telehealth visits. Ambulatory for new Visit Type conversions and launching of Video Visits from a new Video Visit navigator that included billing/compliance components to ensure providers and staff documented properly to meet reimbursement guidelines. Training Videos

Epic Upgrades and Maintenance

Implemented Epic Upgrades, double upgrades and ongoing regular updates based on Epic schedule.

Enable Telehealth Visits scheduling with Snapboard

Enable Scheduling with Snapboard for Telehealth visits after hours and to allow for overbooking during clinic hours. Build a Report Template to be run and individually customized from the DAR (Department Appt Report) by participating providers

Telehealth-specific Reports to Assist in Regaining Visit Volume

Build Reporting Workbench Visit Volume reports for daily, weekly and monthly totals. Build Clarity reports for larger data sets and to cross-reference coverages for Telehealth Visits

Implemented integrated Claims attachment and Claim status inquiry

Two different workflows were set up o The first was the reactive claim attachment workflow to automatically leverage Epic claims attachment and Release of information products to generate attachments when a payor denies the claim requesting additional information o The Second one was the proactive claim attachment process to identify scenarios that require claim attachments and send the attachment electronically when submitting the claim for the very first time

We offer fully integrated technology consulting for Hospitals

Epic Managed Services

We take over your repetitive and support work with certified low cost resources from our on shore managed services center. The team manages the Epic Queues and Tickets.

Epic Consulting Services & Staffing

Our Epic practice is certified and has depth in all modules. We have access to 5000+ resumes and reach to find you required talent in less time. 

IT & Technology Services

We offer wide range of technology services to support your operations and innovation. We have helped Hospitals to implement digital strategy and reduce operations via Devops management.

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