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Healthcare and Integration Platform as a Service - Experts

We have extensive experience in Healthcare industry. We have successfully mapped and navigated the ever-changing Healthcare technology landscape.
DevCool was founded in 2007 and has been offering various healthcare integration products to payers and providers.
DevCool introduced HiPaaS in line with current innovation in integration technologies with iPaaS - integration Paltform as a Service. The other issue we are trying to solve via HiPaaS is around transaction reconcilation. It is easy for us to reconcile claims and enrollments with non invasive technology offered by iPaaS.

Cloud Technology Experts

DevCool has extensive experience in providing Healthcare Cloud technology services and operational services. We have provided services to manage and process healthcare transactions for major healthcare companies.

EDI and Integration Experts

DevCool has significant expertise in integration between applications. We work with all leading technology platforms like Boomi, Biztalk, Tibco, Oracle, IBM, Edifecs and others. We bring best practices for integration to help our clients move toward reusable standards-based components. We have also partnered with iPaas technologies like Boomi to deliver integration in the cloud. EDI and integration is core to our DNA.
Our clients choose DevCool to solve their most complex architecture and integration challenges, and, once their issue is resolved, frequently invite us to tackle other innovative initiatives. When you choose DevCool, you are choosing a group of experts that integrates well with your team and gets the job done.

See How We Innovate Your Technology

We thrive on innovation. Our team is familiar with the latest technology and industry requirements. We test and prove new technologies in our labs before recommending them to our customers. DevCool's ability to look forward is key to our ongoing success and that of our clients.

Experience Matters

Our leadership and team is comprised of former big four consulting professionals, award winning talent, and unique technology expertise. DevCool is a team of IT superstars that knows how to deliver. We are known for tackling the really tough projects and bringing a company from firefighting mode into stability and sustainability.

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