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Claims lifecycle at a glance.
Implement next generation claims analytics and transparency platform.

Gain claims transparency and avoid data leakage. Reconcile and account for every claim

Enable business decisions on denials, rejections and non payment claims. Improve time for anlysis and customer experience. View trouble areas at a glance and be proactive.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Rest Any size IT implementation project can be overwhelming for most companies. A changing regulatory environment can shift your focus from your business mission to staying ahead of new compliance guidelines. There are countless external forces that can disrupt your business in today’s world.
You need a focused team that can address issues like these so you can work on what you do best, providing goods and services to your customers. We are known for tackling the tough projects and bringing our partners from firefighting mode into sustainability.

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  • Our number one goal is your success.
  • When it comes to technology, our motto is: "No issue too complex" .
  • We have the resources and technological knowledge to serve as advisors and partners.
DevCool is strongly focused on the Healthcare Industry. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions and platforms that streamline your business processes and help you stay adaptable in this every changing landscape.

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Featured Customer Case Studies we take pride in solving complex technology problems.

DevCool managed the IT program to deliver healthcare reforms changes across enterprise. Around 100+ interface and 30+ application changes were reqired. Our team of PM's co-ordinated across cross functional teams and vendors.

In month of August Diamond.com CEO gave us challenge to complete new branded website before holiday season. DevCool team worked around the clock to deliver new site by October

IT and business used spend 3-5 days analysing and digging data for each failed claim. We implemented the Claims analytics by which now they get required data in one dashboard in minutes.

By using the patient app, now you get reminded about yearly exam and monthly self exam. Patients are also able to schedule appontments and get check up done timely.

It used to take 6-8 hours to process claims file before loading it in backend. We brought the processing time down to 2 hours

DevCool managed the program and was able to launch the site across 37 countries with in 6 month. Prior to that client had tried to deliver and had delayed 2 times with in 2 years.