IT Consulting & Innovation

  • Architect for Future
    Core to every successful innovation is sound architecture
    We focus on solutioning and developing right architecture the first time
    We make sure your projects and solution are in line with enterprise architecture
    Architecture Experts
  • One person can make the difference
    We provide Technology Consulting
    Fill your project requirements with talented Human Being
    We practice robust hiring and compliance processes

  • Experts in HealthCare Industry
    We understand the Healthcare regulations and security needs
    We understand the end to end healthcare blueprint
    We have helped payers, clearing houses, pharma's, providers to implement technology

  • Experts in EDI Technology
    Experts in EDI in Healthcare, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Pharma and more
    Let us help reduce your Edifecs Implementation Cost
    Let us get your EDI up and running in no time
  • Experts in Digital Convergence
    Let us build digital customer experience for your business
    Get your customers interact on all touch points - websites, mobile apps and on premise
    Understand and be proactive with digital analytics data

Technology Innovation and Implementation

No Issue is too complex for us. If you are starting an new implementation or need help with existing application issues, we can help!