HiPaaS: Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service. Your first step towards digital transformation.

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HiPaaS: Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service.

Your first step towards digitizing healthcare IT

Let us ensure your compliance & audit

Make sure your members have access to care at all times
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Let us manage your X12 EDI

Ensure accurate & timely enrollment, eligibility,claims and payment processing.
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Improve Enrollment Process

  • Reduce FAME Enrollment Analysis time
  • Reduce Enrollment processing errors
  • Ensure trading partners data accuracy
  • Ensure members can access service
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Improve Claims & Payment Process

  • Ensure Federal & State is paying accurately
  • Ensure Providers are paid accurately
  • Ensure Claims are paid accurately
  • Ensure every Claim is accounted and Compliant
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Reduce Integration Cost

  • Reduce EDI & integration cost by 60%
  • Get Real Time Medicare Eligibility data
  • Improve X12 Processing time
  • Connect X12,HL7 systems -starting at $899/month
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HiPaaS Spotlight

Enrollment Dashboard

HiPaaS provides single dashboard to manage Enrollment data for Insurance companies.
  • Improve FAME Monthly processing time from weeks to few hours
  • Reduce Enrollment processing errors below 1%
  • Ensure members can access service at point of service, especially on 1st of the month (Rx is most critical)
  • Ensure all trading partners & providers receive the correct membership data
  • Ensure accurate & timely member eligibility processing
  • Ensure State is paying accurately (820)
  • Assess magnitude of immediate work at a glance (pre-Remediation snapshot)
  • Gather & trend enrollment quality metrics
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Our Customers

"Built upon the Dell Boomi integration platform, and built-in healthcare features such as X12, HL7, and analytics, our HiPaaS with DevCool represents a true application integration breakthrough" - Chris McNabb Dell Boomi CEO
"The HiPaaS solution was easily implemented and has been a triumph for integration. It is everything we knew put in one place that facilitates deep dive analysis in a more efficient way. This has helped SFHP to reduce the time to market and increased customer satisfaction." - Sunny C SFHP CIO
"DevCool HiPaaS did a GREAT job helping the team gain confidence in X12, so that was HUGELY helpful!  We’re confident that you’re more knowledgeable (with real-world X12 practical knowledge)” - EDI Architect Healthplan
"HiPaaS helped us to integrate multiple Clinics using different EHR systems via HL7 in less time and low cost!  With HiPaaS - we’re able to reduce our manual work for processing claims and can add more customers" - Peter K Hippocratics CEO

HiPaaS Features

HiPaaS is the next generation choice for healthcare data reconciliation, connectivity, and interoperability.
  • HiPaaS provides mordern architecture to compliment your EDI & Integrations.
  • You can implement HiPaaS in weeks rather than months. HiPaaS can be fully customized to meet your business needs
  • HiPaaS can be hosted on premise or on cloud.
  • HiPaaS comes with 24x7 support and managed services. Minimal implementation and transition cost. Backed by leading software platform vendors - DevCool, and Dell Boomi

Frequent Questions

How can we get started with HiPaaS?

A:HiPaaS is HIPAA Compliant. Its is easy to get started - For on premise install, all we need is virtual machine & remote desktop access. For cloud install, all we need is secure point to point VPN connectivity to your network

Can we host inside our data center?

A:Yes - HiPaaS can be deployed behind your firewall- inside your data centers. HiPaaS can be hosted on premise or on cloud.

What Support does HiPaaS provide?

A:HiPaaS comes with 24x7 support and we provide 3 levels of managed services support. P1 - Monitor, report and fix P1 incidents, P2 - Triage and deploy fixes for P2 incidents. P3 - Long term development and enhancements.

Do you provide implementation services?

A:Yes, HiPaaS is completely managed by DevCool. We work with your Business and IT to customize it to meet to your requirements and manage it remotely inside USA. We access your systems using Remote Desktop or Citrix solutions. HiPaaS and our team is HIPAA Compliant.

Do you offer trial period ?

A:Yes, we offer trial period and also Proof of Concept period before you commit for 3 years contract.

Our History

DevCool was founded in 2007. In Q4 of 2015, DevCool launched HiPaaS to address interoperability and data analytics issues within the Healthcare industry. HiPaaS is trademark of DevCool Inc. DevCool is a trusted IT solutions provider and systems integrator to major healthcare payers and providers.

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