Migrate GSA to Solr for Drupal

With Google Search Appliances moving to cloud we can help you with the right replacement for on premise search solution using Devcool Solr Search Framework

Our Solution Offers Complete Enterprise Search Capabilities, Security And Role Based Access to Your Data


  • Setting up of Solr search Engine ( 6.x) and Apache ManifoldCF
  • Setup of Solr search indexes to crawl various internal and extern data sets
  • Enterprise grade security and access level
  • Drupal 6, 7 and 8 integration with Solr
  • Configuration of Drupal specific connector for Solr ( Search API and custom modules)
  • Flexible and easy to configure search setup and crawling
  • Search content availability restricted by access and type of users
  • Doc-level security configuration/administration
  • Comparison of search results and weight with GSA and refining Solr indexing and setup to match existing search results
  • Enhanced search result
  • Scalability
  • Operations with analytics and Kibana plugin
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Search reports and diagnostics

Implementation steps


  • Assessment to understand current Drupal to GSA plugin
  • Assessment of data, user behavior and client specific GSA requirements
  • Run tool to capture GSA indexes and weight
  • Install and configure Solr
  • Drupal to Solr connector setup
  • Match view and look and feel for existing search for Drupal
  • GSA vs SOLR comparison test
  • QA and UAT
  • Training and Launch
  • Support and Maintenance

You have an opportunity to quickly set up and configure dynamic and accurate search using ‘Solr,’ the most popular open source search engine today. It is customizable, cost-effective and better ownership. Speed up GSA migration using DevCool’s ‘Migrate GSA to Solr for Drupal’ solution, built on Drupal, Apache Solr, Search APIs modules and connectors.