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Our recent Epic work

Expansion of payment collection on MyChart

Expansion of payment collection on MyChart during the COVID-19 to help patients get easy access to service. Expand single billing office to expand services with Pricing Transparency.

Rapid implementation of Telehealth Visits

Cadence Team for new visit types, refined templates, blocks, and Call Center instructions . My Chart Team for e-Checkin, refinement of questionnaires for faster e-Checkin and beginning Video Visits from within MyChart. Rev Cycle: Billing and Compliance for on-going changes to reimbursement and regulations for Telehealth visits. Ambulatory for new Visit Type conversions and launching of Video Visits from a new Video Visit navigator that included billing/compliance components to ensure providers and staff documented properly to meet reimbursement guidelines. Training Videos

Epic Upgrades and Maintenance

Implemented Epic Upgrades, double upgrades and ongoing regular updates based on Epic schedule.

Enable Telehealth Visits scheduling with Snapboard

Enable Scheduling with Snapboard for Telehealth visits after hours and to allow for overbooking during clinic hours. Build a Report Template to be run and individually customized from the DAR (Department Appt Report) by participating providers

Telehealth-specific Reports to Assist in Regaining Visit Volume

Build Reporting Workbench Visit Volume reports for daily, weekly and monthly totals. Build Clarity reports for larger data sets and to cross-reference coverages for Telehealth Visits

Implemented integrated Claims attachment and Claim status inquiry

Two different workflows were set up o The first was the reactive claim attachment workflow to automatically leverage Epic claims attachment and Release of information products to generate attachments when a payor denies the claim requesting additional information o The Second one was the proactive claim attachment process to identify scenarios that require claim attachments and send the attachment electronically when submitting the claim for the very first time

We offer fully integrated Epic consulting for Hospitals


Our team of experienced veterans will carefully guide our clients through all stages of an implementation including budgeting pre-planning, a full communication plan, governance and policy considerations as well as on-going post-Go Live Support. We pride ourselves on thorough testing and rollout communication, training and successful Go Live experiences for our clients


We assist our clients organize their teams for a thorough review of the Nova Notes, required application build, application and integrated testing, third-party testing and training guides. We also augment any areas that require additional remote or onsite assistance with experts from our teams.


Our team of experienced consultants create a complete plan for optimizing areas that were for whatever reason no fully implemented. After an initial and thorough review, we work with our clients to determine best path for most success. For instance, if increasing revenue in an area is the primary objective, we will generate a list of opportunities to implement in the shortest amount of time possible.

Project & Program Management

It is not easy to hire and train experts in every aspect of Epic. We have a rich pool of Project Managers at the ready who will not only guide you through completing your projects, but also mentor your PMs so that they are ready for the next project, and the next.

Facilities & Expansion

Why not leverage the excellence of your implementation? We help you scout potential partners as well as help you determine what offerings from your system you can showcase to expand your footprint in the community in an effort to serve the patient population.


Organizations are inevitably going to need to partner with others in order to stay viable. This does not need to be painful or result in losses. Let us help you formulate strategies for acquisition that are smooth and quickly profitable.


Many of you want to be sure to keep in synch with Epic Best Practices and we applaud and support this among our clientele. As you engage in a Refuel effort, we recognize that you need to keep your customers satisfied and cared for while your teams take valuable time to focus on the latest, greatest offerings from Epic.

Training & Go-live Support

Training & Go-live Support: The industry trend to do house-wide, all-clients Big Bang Go Live requires clients to bring in additional resources for training and Go Live. We absolutely thrive in this area. We have teams ready to go to help experience exceptional training coursework and materials as well as Go Live support.

Community Connect

We have experience supporting large academic medical centers in their transition from another EMR to Epic. We have supported their legacy systems, while our expert consultants helped the organization perform workflow design reviews, smart tools, order-sets and related clinical documentation tools to deliver a seamless experience for physicians, clinicians, nursing and administration resources. Our ability to support our customers has always made us the partner of choice.

Epic Center of Excellence

Epic modules


Implementation and Optimization for top cancer hospital Treatment and Therapy plan builds and extensive end user training Wellness and Quality screening build + integration to MyChart


Multiple standard and specialty pharmacy implementations Refill Protocol implementation for all Foundation protocols (customized by client physicians) Research and clinical trial medication builds/implementations


Developed SER and EMP strategies to compliment WE (workflow engine) rule and department profile structures Maintenance, consolidation/optimization for complicated security builds

Revenue Cycle

Charge Router rule development for better management of DNB (Do Not Bill) log Work Queue Clean Up and Organization Open Encounter reporting Facilitate productive collaboration with other teams, such as Cadence and Ambulatory, to ensure scheduling and appointment conversions are occurring as expected for proper billing and minimization of denials

Interface Development

Development of custom interfaces with third party systems utilizing HL7 Testing, build and implementation services


Overall department build/implementations, including user and department profiles and override rules. Provider-driven personalization and smart tool build. Clinic business set up and training. Create tools in Epic to ease overall workflow from referral/authorization to scheduling to accommodating visit types (including telehealth) and billing/claims needs Visit Volume reporting. Bulk Orders/Messages. Quality Measures/PRIME/QIP Alert Development Care Gaps management through smart set build for missing Health Maintenance items ASP routing logic for preferred lab/LabCorp/Quest results routing


Initial set up, Team with Marketing and Operations for on point messaging and patient-experience.Implement tools to maximize patient experience Direct Scheduling/Scheduling Requests/Provider Pools. Results Review. Questionnaires/Medical and Surgical History Integration E-Check In Co-Pay/Payment Collection Prescription Requests Referral Tracking Integration with OnBase/Medical Records


Specialty build for RNs, Mid-Levels, Providers and Technicians MyChart Bedside MyChart Triage Order Sets, Standardization of Clinical Documentation Quality and Productivity Reporting


ProcDoc build with integration to imaging systems Quality metric integration for Diabetic Eye Exams Streamlining of billing and coding Revenue and productivity reports

OpTime & Anesthesia

Implementation of Thin Logs and Procedure Pass Specialty build/provider personalization assistance and training Material Management implementations Charge and CPT Process/Updates improvements

Patient Access & Referrals

Incoming fax integration to OnBase for referrals Integration with My Chart and Telehealth Visits Staff productivity reporting ABN workflow management and collaboration with Lab teams


Incoming fax integration with OnBase for faster scheduling. Converts referrals to placer orders for efficient routing and scheduling Integration with OpTime for shared workflows in areas like Interventional Radiology Build and train on the integration of combined workflows between Cupid and Optimes  Integration with third party systems for imaging and cardiac procedures

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