DevCool Open Source CMS & search framework

True Digital CMS

Devcool framework is a really fast React-based static site generator which can be used to create a static site, with content pulled from Drupal and other content management systems.

It supports the responsive web design which has a strategy for optimizing the display of a web site using React and Node JS to respond to different device capabilities including mobile, desktop, tablets. Integrated Chat. 

True Search Framework

Integrated with Solr , Apache ManifodCF and Tikka to search and index any structured or unstructured data. Search and index simple content , pdf documents, work documents, sharepoint , images and other custom formats. 

Search from any channel – Web, mobile, web services or chat.

True Enterprise

Build for high volumes of traffic, the platform has proven itself a perfect fit for big and expanded web projects.Our framework can search millions of documents in a few milliseconds. Devcool frame work supports Self hosted: Datacenter Infrastructure services, Networking, Security, Web Content management, Development and cloud based: Acquia or AWS. Backed by 24/7 Support.