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X12 EDI Consulting

Ensure your EDI implementation meets Compliance, HIPAA and industry standards.

We deliver and manage end to end EDI X12 consulting.
HiPaaS X12 EDI Consulting features at a Glance :

  • Detailed Review of X12 processing for all healthcare transactions 837 (837I,P,D), 835, 834, 820, 270/271,277/278, 274 & other 27x series.
  • Review existing Inventory and documentation
  • Review existing business and technology architecture
  • Review runbooks, operational document
  • Review SNIP 1-4 or 1-2 validation setup and process
  • Review tracking IDs at each level (ISA, GS, ST, Business Unit)
  • Review Codesets maintenance process
  • Review L5, L7 custom checks – Member check, npi lookup, etc..
  • Review error reporting process and edifecs error report
  • Review any automated TA1,999, 997, 277, 277CA process
  • Review duplicate check logic
  • Review Custom edits process
  • Review ICD9/10 code handling or lookups
  • Review Claim number to Line number mapping
  • Review Claims/Encounter split process
  • Review business on boarding, trading partner docs
  • Review business communication process with providers, trading partners
  • Review edits, pending, rejection process for transaction
  • Review file management, data retention process
  • Review Pick up transmissions from a queue
  • Review any different validation levels (via ESF choice-list) at the Trade Relationship level
  • Review HIPAA regulations process
  • Review resubmission process
  • Review new business requirement request process
  • Review message routing and mapping to Facets
  • New EDI Implementation
  • EDI L1/L2/L3 support.
  • Trading Partner Management.
  • EDI Mapping and Analysis
  • EDI Governance Setup.