HiPaaS HL7 - next generation Healthcare HL7 Platform


The Reality​

HiPaaS is a HIPAA compliant Microservices-based Healthcare common platform to enable data integration, resolve interoperability issues, simplify healthcare standards and reconcile data. Integrate HL7 data with any EHR, EMR, Lab, Pharma, Billing, CDR and Payer systems.

HiPaaS Customers

HiPaaS HL7 Solution

Support for HL7 versions, FHIR, SMART on FHIR and APIs. Pre-built connectivity with leading EHR Products (Epic, eCW - ClinicallWorks, Cerner, Athena, Meditech, Healthfusion, AdvancedMD, Greenway, CPSI, OmniCell, Wellsoft, Accuchek, Watchild, Breeze, Nextgen, Allscripts, Cyfluent, Sammy, Meditab, eClinical, and others)

HL7 Interoperability

Easy integration with any HL7 version, FHIR, SMART on FHIR,JSON API, CCDA, CDI data.
Support for all HL7 message types - ADT, DFT, SUI, ORM, ORU etc.

Epic Open API or HL7

Pre-built integration with Epic using HL7 or Open API for patient engagement data, ancillary systems, Lab, Rad and other interfaces. MyChart user interface integration

Salesforce Health HL7 Integration

Salesforce HL7 integration with any EHR, to FHIR API. Bi-directional integration with Salesforce

eCW Integration

Integrating with eCW with HL7 Hub, Population Management data CCDA extracts and load in database

Genomics Data Integration

Integration with Genomics API and loading and storing database.

CCDA, CCD Load or Generation

Mapping, translating CCDA data sets. Loading in database. Generation of CCDA files

EHR Data Migration

Interfaces required to extract, validate, clean and load data from one EHR system to another. Entire data set available in staging database


Integrate your apps with any EHR, Portals, Health Information Exchanges, and other Health IT systems.

Complete Patient Life Cycle Integration

Integrate entire patient workflow

Patient Onboarding

Automate patient on boarding, registration and verification. Integrate with mobile App, Portals and Telemedicine. Automate Patient Survey, Allergies, family history, condition, Immunization , Behavior health and Auth management

Ancillary System Integration

Radiology Integration Laboratories Integration – Lab information system Clinic Integration Pharmacy integration Cardiology Integration Imaging integration Ambulatory Integration Emergency Patient Routing. Medical Device Integration

Revenue Management Validation

Payment/ Copayment management Integration to AP/GL accounting Claim Submission Claims Denial Improvement Referral/Commission integration

Patient Mobile App

Complete Patient mobile App with integration with HIPAA Chat, video, tele medicine and appointment management. Integration with MyChart.

Discharge Management

Discharge process automation. Nursing home selection app. Integrating data with Nursing home and/or Home visit services. Public Health Registry interfaces through APIs

Population Management and ACO Reports

Extracting clinical data for generating ACO performance report. Population management reporting

Other EHR Integrations

Athena API or HL7 Integration

Integrate with Athena APIs and/or HL7 Integrations

AdvancedMD Integration

Integrate with AdvancedMD APIs and workflows. Manage patient and order data

Cerner API or HL7 Integration

Integrate with Cerner with API and/or HL7 INtegrations

Allscripts Integration

Realtime API Integrations

Nextgen Integration

API Integration with NExtgen software

Meditech Integration

HL7 data integration with Meditech EHR

Greenway Integration

API and HL7 integration with Greenway hosted EHR

Custom EHR Integration

Integrate with legacy EHR and custom format systems

Operational Report

Dashboard to collect data to Calculate value of patient based on financial per patient and per treatment code like CPT cost, inventory cost, real estate cost, practitioner cost, referral commission, marketing, admin cost and other ongoing costs


HiPaaS is HIPAA compliant 
It is cloud based, light weight, agile platform that can be running in days
Reduction of time and costs through ready to use process libraries and APIs
Saving of customer efforts with end-to-end managed services at affordable costs
High level of support and responsiveness to help solve business problems
Easy choice of offerings that can be deployed through a plug-and-play model

What They're Saying

"The HiPaaS solution was easily implemented and has been a triumph for Integration. It is everything we knew put in one place that facilitates deep dive analysis in a more efficient way. This has helped SFHP to reduce the time to market and increased customer satisfaction,"
"DevCool HiPaaS did a GREAT job helping the team gain confidence in X12, so that was HUGELY helpful!  We’re confident that you’re more knowledgeable (with real-world X12 practical knowledge)”
- WPS Architect
"We could not be more pleased with HiPaaS Accelerators which contributed to our success. The level of creativity DevCool brings to solving business and professional problems is really outstanding!"
Healthcare Architect
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