HiPaaS HL7 Integration and Interoperability

HL7 Integration and HL7 Interoperability Platform as a Service.
Hosted and managed platform starting at just $899/month.

Integrate multiple EHR, EMR and PMS systems using HL7 data.
  • $0 Upfront implementation and setup fee
  • Connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime rapidly
  • Add new EHR, EMR systems and integration for no cost
  • No charge for configuring new EHR
  • 24x7 managed services support
  • Handle large volume of data
  • Zero IT footprint required at customer end
  • HIPAA compliance and On shore access only

    • HiPaaS easily integrates with existing Provider practice management, Electronic Health Records EHR, EMR and hospital information systems
    • HIPAA HL7 pre-build process and mapping.
    • Out of box processes for various HL7 transactions geared for systems (ADT, AL1, OBX, SIU, DFT, PPR, PRB, ORM, VXU)
    • API and web services built in for various HL7 operations and easy to plug in
    • Support for HTTPS, SFTP, Database connectivity. Various out of box connectors available.
    • Hosted on cloud to keep the cost low.
    • Out of box Master Patient Indexing - MPI solution and connectivity.
    • Out of box Healthcare Patient management web services.
    • Can scale for enterprise and large volume data.
    • Ideal for Clinics, Hospitals, Billing systems, Clearing houses.
    • Enterprise version available for large Hospitals and Payers.

    List of few supported systems

    • Healthfusion
    • AdvancedMD
    • Epic
    • Greenway
    • QNXT
    • Nextgen
    • Allscripts
    • Cyfluent
    • Sammy
    • and more..
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