HiPaaS Claims Submission X12 EDI

Claims Submission platform as a Service.
Claims submissions to clearing houses, payers, exchanges, billing systems. Send X12 data to anyone

Automate claims submissions and integration to insurance companies, clearing houses, CMS, DHS and public or private exchanges. Fully HIPAA compliant and secure processing.
  • $0 Upfront implementation and setup fee.
  • Add any EHR system, payer, clearing house for no cost.
  • Integrated across multiple systems.
  • No charge for configuring EHR.
  • 24x7 managed services support
  • Zero IT footprint required at customer end
  • HIPAA compliance and On shore access only
  • Identifies lost transactions at key points and lists those transactions.

  • HiPaaS easily integrates with existing Provider practice management, Electronic Health Records EHR, EMR and hospital information systems
  • HIPAA HL7 to X12 pre-build process and mapping.
  • Pre-built X12 builder.
  • Breakdown of claims by Insurance and by Patient.
  • View outstanding claims.
  • Can handle small or large volume data.
  • Ideal for Clinics, Hospitals, Billing systems, Clearing houses.
  • Ability to load daily claims file.
  • Ability to load daily patient file.
  • Reduced staff time researching claims and missing payments.
  • Help reduce AR payment days.
  • Easy to setup payers and end points
  • HiPaaS batch integrates eligibility and claim status validation and updates seamlessly into the EDI flow, removes the requirement for additional staff actions
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