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Enable Healthcare EDI or HL7 in days with API Integration.


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  • DevCool Announces partnership with AWS to deliver HiPaaS
  • DevCool Acquires Software development company in Pune, India to expand its offerings

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HIPAA Cloud APIs and fully managed services

Managed Healthcare EDI

HiPaaS EDI Transaction Tracking and Reconciliation
  • 837 Claims Submission and Processing
  • 837 Claims Edits
  • 835 Generation and Intake Processing
  • 276/277 Real-time Claim Status API
  • 270/271 Eligibility API
  • 820 Payments Processing and Loading
  • Encounter Submission
  • 834 Enrollments Submissions or Intake
  • EDI API Management
  • CCLF Claims Format Loading
  • 274 Provider Directory
  • CORE Support and Medicare Connectivity
  • SNIP L1-L7 Validation
  • Custom Data Loads
  • EDI Data Reconcilation
Pre-built connectivity to leading insurance companies (BCBS, Kaiser, Cigna, Anthem, United Healthcare , Aetna, and others), Medicare HETS/CMS, Medicaid, and State exchanges.

HL7 Interoperability

Enable HL7 integration using HiPaaS
  • Ancillary Systems Integration
  • All HL7 messages ADT, DFT, SUI, ORM, ORU ,etc.
  • Lab Integration and Lab Results
  • Support for multiple HL7 versions
  • Support for FHIR
  • Support for API driven Patient Data
  • Salesforce Integration
  • CCDA generation or Loading
  • Clinical Data Mapping
  • Master Patient Indexing
  • Custom EHR Integration
  • ICD Coding and Validation
  • Integration with Medical Devices
  • EHR Migration data load
  • EHR Lab Results data Cleanup
Support for FHIR. Pre-built connectivity with leading EHR Products (Cerner, Athena, Meditech, Healthfusion, AdvancedMD, Greenway, CPSI, OmniCell, Wellsoft, Accuchek, Watchild, Breeze, Nextgen, Allscripts, Cyfluent, Sammy, Meditab, eClinical, and others)

Healthcare Solutions

Enable Healthcare business solutions and reporting

  • Benefits Management Application
  • Patient Mobile Engagement Application
  • Patient Portal and Applications
  • Paper Enrollments or Claims Automation
  • Full File Compare
  • Medicare Claims Validation
  • Medicare Encounter Validation and submission
  • Real time Medicare Eligibility
  • Claims Denial Management
  • Claims Revenue Cycle Mangement
  • Claims Edits
  • ACO and Operation Reports
  • Clearing House Solution
  • Mychart Integration
  • Healthcare BI Dashboard
HiPaaS is ideal for Hospitals, Healthcare Insurance companies, ACO, HIE and Medical Groups. HiPaaS enables integration using API model and easy to add on to your infrastructure. HiPaaS comes with 24×7 Support model

Choose the perfect plan

Enable latest technology at fraction of cost with zero IT resources spent.


Per month

  • Single EDI or HL7 or API
  • Connect any 2 Applications
  • Connect any Trading Partner
  • HIPAA Shared Cloud
  • 24x7 Email Support
  • Real time or Batch transaction
  • Upto 5000 transactions per day


Per month

  • Multiple EDI or HL7 or API
  • HiPaaS Database available
  • HiPaaS Front end or Analytics
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Dedicated Cloud
  • 24x7 Email Support
  • Dedicated Support
  • HiPaaS Healthcare Solutions


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  • Implement HiPaaS Onsite
  • Implement HiPaaS Solutions and Reports
  • Custom Solutions
  • Lifetime Support
  • Training to your resources
  • Scale for large Volumes

What makes HiPaaS the Next Generation

  • HiPaaS is HIPAA compliant Microservices-based Healthcare common platform to enable data integration, resolve interoperability issues, simplify healthcare standards and reconcile data.
  • It is cloud based, light weight, agile platform that can be up and running in days and simplify healthcare infrastructure complexities.
  • HiPaaS can connect to any healthcare system, abstract the healthcare data formats and functionalities to simple APIs and provides storage, user experience and dashboard capabilities to help users act on data.
  • Quickly enable Healthcare API’s (200+ API out of box)
  • Quickly automate HL7, X12 integrations
  • Quickly automate data reconciliation or compare healthcare data
  • Quickly Digitize by exposing data over interactive dashboard
  • Dashboard and Analytics capability
  • Accelerators for code development
  • Full Managed Services model
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Lightweight to get started
  • Standards based integration
  • Cloud based hosting with AWS and Azure or On Premise
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