HiPaaS is next generation Healthcare integration Platform

The Reality​

HiPaaS can rapidly enable EDI, HL7 and SMART on FHIR Integrations using APIs. HiPaaS is a HIPAA compliant Microservices-based Healthcare common platform to enable data integration, resolve interoperability issues, simplify healthcare standards and reconcile data.

HiPaaS Customers

HiPaaS Platforms


HiPaaS is HIPAA compliant 
It is cloud based, light weight, agile platform that can be running in days
Reduction of time and costs through ready to use process libraries and APIs
Saving of customer efforts with end-to-end managed services at affordable costs
High level of support and responsiveness to help solve business problems
Easy choice of offerings that can be deployed through a plug-and-play model

What They're Saying

"The HiPaaS solution was easily implemented and has been a triumph for Integration. It is everything we knew put in one place that facilitates deep dive analysis in a more efficient way. This has helped SFHP to reduce the time to market and increased customer satisfaction,"
"DevCool HiPaaS did a GREAT job helping the team gain confidence in X12, so that was HUGELY helpful!  We’re confident that you’re more knowledgeable (with real-world X12 practical knowledge)”
- WPS Architect
"We could not be more pleased with HiPaaS Accelerators which contributed to our success. The level of creativity DevCool brings to solving business and professional problems is really outstanding!"
Healthcare Architect