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Automate Reconciliation

HiPaaS GPS has everything you need to compare Healthcare data

  • Eliminate Spreadsheets
  • Track and trace data across systems
  • Interactive Digital Dashboard
  • Automate Reconciliation
  • Reduce Analysis time by 60%
  • Ensure Compliance and Audit

HiPaaS Enrollments GPS

  • Ensure members can access service at point of service, especially on 1st of the month (Rx is most critical).
  • Automate Monthly Full File Compare
  • Improve FAME Monthly processing time from weeks to few hours
  • Compare 834 data element with Membership data
  • Identify Rate mismatch, Dual coverage mismatch and PCP differences
  • Identify Retro historical changes
  • Ensure all trading partners & providers receive the correct membership data
  • Gather & trend enrollment quality metrics
  • Identify and Fix errors in membership data
  • Ensure compliance and audit trail
  • Identify and Fix technical errors

HiPaaS Claims GPS

  • Improve Claims reconciliation process
  • Account for every claim and file received. No Claims left behind!
  • Ensure proper access before approving claims
  • Submit Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Medicare Encounter data report
  • Account for every Claim and Encounter received
  • Increase auto adjudication
  • Identify delays in claims Adjudication
  • Identify Claims errors and fix them upfront - pre-processing
  • Hold Claims with specific scenarios
  • Identify and fix repeating claims Pend Scenarios
  • Ensure payment accuracy by matching it to 835 and ERA data
  • Measure Examiner productivity
  • All Data you need for Preventive Care

HiPaaS Financial GPS

  • Get CFO Dashboard to account for every $
  • Compare 820 against membership and provider data
  • Compare 835 ERA against claims data
  • Ensure Providers are paid accurately

HiPaaS Patients GPS

  • Ensure Value and Cost of patient is calculated properly
  • Get Interactive Mgmt Dashboard
  • Compare claims payments, copay, CPT code expenses, mktg costs
  • Commission payments and referral management
  • 360 patient view for clinics & hospitals operations



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Our History

DevCool was founded in 2007. In Q4 of 2015, DevCool launched HiPaaS to address interoperability and data analytics issues within the Healthcare industry. HiPaaS is trademark of DevCool Inc. DevCool is a trusted IT solutions provider and systems integrator to major healthcare payers and providers.

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