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Monthly & Daily 834 Compare

Compare every element of incoming and outgoing X12 834.


HiPaaS X12 834 Compare features at a Glance :

  • Compare daily and monthly 834 file with QNXT.
  • Compare 834 outbound against 834 inbound.
  • Compare 820 against 834 and QNXT
  • Compare 820 against outbound Payments and cap master
  • Compare Active, Hold, Term against 834
  • Compare 12 months of membership history
  • Compare Plan Integration Errors
  • Compare Providers PCP assignments
  • Compare RateCode differences
  • Compare Dual Coverage differences
  • Inbuilt dashbaord with drill down capability.
  • Easy to implement and integrate.
  • Up and Ready in weeks.
  • Automated comparision.
  • Develop Custom Reports and Adhoc Analytics

HiPaaS 834 Compare Dashboard

Enrollments dashboard with membership reconciliation.
Watch HiPaaS Enrollment Demo: