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HiPaaS Healthcare X12 Comparision and Reporting

Compare elements of incoming and outgoing X12 files with core system. Get insight into your data and make sure compliance and audit.


HiPaaS X12 Compare features at a Glance :

  • Compare X12 data from files for all healthcare transactions 837 (837I,P,D), 835, 834, 820, 270/271,277/278, 274 & other 27x series.
  • Compare against multiple system.
  • Compare every inbound and outbound file.
  • Out of box - 2000+ Compare business rules.
  • Out of box - 25000+ Data elements mapped to HiPaaS DB.
  • Multiple levels and dimensions of compare available.
  • Compare duplicates, member status, rate code, dual coverage, payment status, eligibility and various healthcare metrics.
  • Inbuilt dashbaord with drill down capability.
  • Easy to implement and integrate.
  • Up and Ready in weeks.
  • Automated comparision.

HiPaaS Claims 837 Compare dashboard

Claims dashboard with claims and payments reconciliation.
Watch HiPaaS Claims 837 Compare Demo:

HiPaaS 834 Compare Dashboard

Enrollments dashboard with membership reconciliation.
Watch HiPaaS Enrollment Demo: