HiPaaS Claims and Payments Reconciliation for Providers

Revenue Reconciliation for Doctors & Clinics
Reduce your A/R days starting at just $599/month.

Revenue dashboard with payments, charges, adjustment reconciliation
  • Get view to pending payments by insurance or patients on single dashboard. .
  • $0 Upfront implementation and setup fee.
  • Add any EHR, EMR systems and clearing house for no cost.
  • No charge for configuring EHR.
  • 24x7 managed services support
  • Zero IT footprint required at customer end
  • HIPAA compliance and security

    • HiPaaS easily integrates with existing Provider practice management, Electronic Health Records EHR, EMR and hospital information systems
    • HIPAA HL7 pre-build process and mapping.
    • Innovative dashboard with daily claims and payments submitted.
    • Breakdown of claims by Insurance and by Patient.
    • Complete revenue reconciliation.
    • Complete claims reconciliation.
    • View outstanding claims.
    • Can scale for enterprise and large volume data.
    • Ideal for Clinics, Hospitals, Billing systems, Clearing houses.
    • Ability to load daily claims file.
    • Ability to load daily payments file.
    • Reduced staff time researching claims and missing payments.
    • Help reduce AR payment days.
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