Enrollment Management

No member left behind – account for every submitted member data:

  • Enrollments/Benefits Management Application
  • Send or receive standard or custom 834 file formats
  • Simplified 834 API and services
  • Simple Enrollments dashboard which focuses on enrollments file data, pre-processing and load logic
  • Eliminate spreadsheet with our simplified dashboard that focuses on errors and edits
  • Ensure all trading partners & providers receive the correct membership data
  • Built-in trending of enrollment quality metrics
  • Ensure compliance and audit trail 
  • 834 Clearing house solution
  • 820 Payments Load and Intake
  • 834 Enrollments Load and Intake
  • 834 Generation
  • 834 Database
  • Paper Enrollments OCR Load and management
  • Installation management and workflow
  • Enrollment Full File Compare
  • Enrollment Dashboard
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  • Get running in days
  • HIPAA Cloud APIs and fully managed services
  • Quickly enable Healthcare API’s (200+ API out of box)
  • Quickly automate HL7, X12 integrations
  • Quickly automate data reconciliation or compare healthcare data
  • Quickly Digitize by exposing data over interactive dashboard
  • Dashboard and Analytics capability
  • Accelerators for code development
  • Full Managed Services model
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Lightweight to get started
  • Standards based integration
  • Cloud based hosting with AWS or On Premise