HiPaaS Claims and Payments Reconciliation

HiPaaS Claims and Payments Reconciliation.
Reconcile and account for every claim and payment. No IT changes required.

Claims dashboard with claims and payments reconciliation.
  • No changes required to your current EDI and backend.
  • Integrated across multiple systems and milestones.
  • 24x7 managed services support
  • Zero IT footprint required at customer end
  • Host it On Premise or on our HIPAA compliant Cloud.
  • Identifies technical errors and lost transactions at key points and lists those transactions.

    • End to End View of Claims
    • Claims Transparency and track Data Leakage
    • Claims Reconciliation and Audit across multiple systems
    • Errors, Denial and Rejection Analysis
    • Consolidated view of errors, rejections and denials on one screen
    • Ability to match resubmitted claims against rejected claims (Payer Module)
    • Provides duplicate matching and reporting for claims and encounters (Payer Module)
    • Workflow to assign rejected claims and encounters
    • Trading partner notifications of rejections and denials via email or EDI (Payer Module)
    • Manages claims workflow
    • Track transactions from submission to payment
    • Customizable reporting based on customer need
    • Configurable events monitoring (Payer Module)
    • Predective Claims volume, dollars, operational and technical dashboard to be prepared for future(Payer Module)
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