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Epic EHR Services

We are emerging leaders in Healthcare Services. We deliver next generation healthcare engineering

EMR/EHR Consulting Services

We provide consulting and managed services for project assessment and strategic implementation for all aspects of EMR/EHR projects.

EMR/EHR Modules​

Our consultants are experienced in all modules of popular EMR/EHRs and will support your project to a successful completion.

EMR/EHR Implementation​

We’ve helped many customers with their EMR/EHR implementations and upgrades, relieving them from manually handling massive amounts of critical data.

EMR/EHR Activation and Support​

Our consultants provide operational support and help you scale quickly by in-depth analysis of EMR/EHR software and detailed knowledge of business.

EMR/EHR integration with other Ancillary applications​

We have the expertise to understand the workflows of your EMR/EHR system for it work seamlessly and integrate with ancillary systems.


We work with the client to do a thorough analysis and impact to other ancillary systems and create an Upgrade Plan for a smooth EMR/EHR upgrade.

Global Delivery Model​​

We are experts in Healthcare Integration with an established knowledge base in the healthcare domain. Our model uses on-site, offsite and offshore resources to optimize costs and quicken the time-to-market, and provide a “Follow the sun” global support strategy.

Innovation Lab​​

We can put together a client-centric innovation lab for your organization, with our expertise working towards breakthroughs and innovative solutions for your needs. Our collaborative team will use disruptive technology to support your narrative and create maximum impact.

Infrastructure Services​

We have helped large healthcare companies and hospitals to implement right infrastructure – right from networking, windows engineering, SCCM, Citrix, VMware, Storage, Backups, Security and many other areas.

Recent Projects

Epic Upgrade for Major Hospital

Our team has helped deliver a successful Epic upgrade for leading hospitals in California.

Epic Optimization

We are helping Hospital to complete Epic Optimization project.

Epic Training

We delivered elbow training for hospital in top 10 best hospital in Americas