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Get Dell Boomi Experts for your integration project.

Read the full details in the press release here: Dell Boomi

Dell announced that DevCool has joined the Dell Boomi Partner Network. DevCool customers can now implement Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and accelerate interoperability between cloud and on-premises healthcare applications while controlling costs and managing risk.
DevCool has extensive experience in Integration space and now with Boomi Products.

DevCool offers Pre-built templates and mappings for integration:

  • Workday - Employee master Integration, Active Directory Integration, Finance Integration
  • SAP Integration - Account, Users, Product Master, Pricing, Order Management, Supply Chain, Employee, Material Master, Inventory, Shipping, Expense, Commission and others.
  • Ecommerce: Users, Products, Orders, Inventory, Pricing, Click Leads, Shipping, Pricing.
  • Salesforce,com/ Aptus - Customers, User, Leads, Products, Quotes, Contracts and others .
  • NetSuite Integration - Account, Users, Product Master, Order Mgmt, Supply Chain, Employee, Material Master, Inventory, Shipping and others.

Workday Integration:

  • Employee DB Integration: Retrieving the employee's data from Workday to populate internal employee DB. Update the process for all downstream systems which receive data from employee DB (ex: Expense wire, Concur, Axiom)
  • Active Directory Integration.
  • Workday to AD Integration - get demographics updates from Workday to AD.
  • Email address updates from AD to Workday..
  • Recon & Sync process between AD and Workday.

SAP Integration with Amber Road

  • SAP to Amber Road XML integration in terms of End to End Boomi implementation process. Boomi integration to get SAP idocs for Partner Master, Material Master, Sales Order and Delivery.

SAP and Concur Integration:

  • Retrieving the employee's data from HR database & send an import to concur.. Get the accounting extract from Concur and convert it into iDOC for SAP consumption.
  • Integrate HR employee feed daily to Concur to automate the process. As well as get the accounting extract from Concur and feed it back to SAP.
  • Customer - Varicent( Sales Commission Tool) Integration.
  • SAP Bookings/Shipments - Varicent Integration.

Apttus, and SAP Integration:

  • Cloud Integration of , SAP and Aptus for Account, Customer, Orders, Products, Inventory and Quotes.

DevCool offers Healthcare EDI and Integration solution on Boomi:

  • EDI X12 inake of claims, enrollments, eligibility
  • Integration with Claims processing.
  • HL7 and Clinical data mappings.
  • Business rules definition

Move your EDI to cloud and save

  • EDI Trading Partner Setup
  • Integration with Core systems
  • Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, Supplu Chain EDI
  • Business rules definition
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